I wanted my students to be able to enjoy the full artist experience. My art classes provide personal instruction of “real” artist techniques and skill building secrets that allow attendees to develop their own individual artistic style. From learning the basic artistry required to create a beautiful work of art to the joy of exhibiting their art work at a public venue.

Introduction to Acrylics

Introduction to Acrylics is an art workshop series at the Topanga Community Center on Wednesdays from 12: 30pm-3pm, sponsored by the Canyon Sages that allows students to learn the basics of acrylic painting. Velvet uses demonstrations and individual help to teach attendees the basic acrylic techniques and facts. Students learn about washes, glazing, dry-brush, wet-on-dry and wet-in-wet painting, how to use acrylic in different ways, color mixing and composition, how to use a full value range to turn a painting from bland to dramatic, values and their role in painting. The intro class is $20 per session,$120 total per 6 week workshop (plus the cost of materials) and is designed for those who are inexperienced and those who want to improve their skills. Students work at their own pace on a variety of pieces. The class consists of six, two-hour classes with each class focusing on a different skill building technique. Techniques are taught through the use of still life, floral, seascape and landscape setups. Student's work has been consistently exhibited at the Topanga Library. Please note that all classes must be reserved in advance and are subject to availability. Individual classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.  Gift Certificates Available. As advertised in the Topanga Mountain Messenger News.



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