A new class series at the Topanga Community Center that allows students to learn the basics of acrylic painting. Velvet Marshall uses demonstrations and individual help to teach attendees the basic acrylic techniques and facts. Students learn about washes, glazing, dry-brush, wet-on-dry and wet-in-wet painting, how to use acrylic in different ways, color mixing and composition, how to use a full value range to turn a painting from bland to dramatic, and values and their role in painting. The intro class is designed for those who are inexperienced and those who want to improve their skills. Students work at their own pace on a variety of pieces. The class consists of six two-hour classes with each class focusing on a different skill building technique. Techniques are taught through the use of still life, floral, seascape and landscape setups. Student's work has been consistently exhibited at the Topanga Library.


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