I grew up along the shoreline and sandy California beaches of Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice and have spent half my life in water. As a result, I have a very special, spiritual connection with water and the ocean and that is reflected in my work and the images that draw and attract me. As an artist, I am still traveling a path of self discovery along a journey where I hope I can create art that reflects life – My goal is to tell a story, create an emotional response and on a loftier level, stimulate the imagination in others. This I believe is something of value. I know my stories, the images have a definitive destination in my mind - however, the path to get there is yet unknown which leaves an element of organic uncertainty to my work that I enjoy and believe is the fundamental nature of what being an artist is all about. Like breathing, it’s best done naturally.

“The Tempest” oil and tar on canvas 76" x 56"

I began working on my painting “the Tempest” as a self portrait of sort. Raised by a southern woman, in social circles, I still feel confined to maintain a certain decorum, while underneath swells a sea of emotion. I used tar as a medium to emphasize this feeling and also as an expression of my concern and protest over the pollution of our oceans and the preservation for the wildlife that resides within. The sunlight breaking through the heavens however, epitomizes a new horizon, hope, which exist with the expectation of a more positive outlook for me and for the future of the Sea.