When I first decided to choose art as a professional career...or rather let me say....when "art" decided to choose me...I began by throwing up a six foot canvas on my living room wall, moving the couch outside and building the stretcher frames right in the middle of the front room of my apartment with my power drill. I had just been laid off my high-powered corporate job (that I hated) and desperate to breath and be "me" again. I was a woman possessed, bursting at the seams with art and inspiration.

Fast forward and three years later I've gotten married and moved into "loft living" with my husband who has lived and worked in lofts as a professional photographer since 1987. We have moved twice since we've gotten married and are currently preparing to move for a third (and hopefully final time) in the all too agonizing search to find the perfect combination of 1) Space for everything (i.e. all of our crap combined) 2) Great natural lighting for photography 3) Hi-ceilings and doorways for large canvases 4) Concrete floors and ventilation for ceramic kiln firing 5) Pet friendly accommodations for our hairy horde (three cats and a dog) and 6) Cheap, affordable rent (an almost impossible task in L.A.)

The one thing I can say is life is a learning process.  For instance, Jim and I have discovered a few things in our travels...always bring a tape measure to size up the doorways to make sure your art and equipment will fit. Never underestimate the benefits of living in a artist community. The ideas, support and inspiration you can get as an artist living among other working artist is invaluable. And last but not least, never minimize the value of a good water heater, sometimes you get what you pay for and I need hot showers and good, working plumbing.  

Here's Jim and I in a few of our places and spaces to date...