When I was a kid it was so easy to be an artist...I just grabbed a pack of crayons and set up my art stand in the main courtyard or the sidewalk outside of my house to harassed the neighbors passing by until they purchased one of my mini masterpieces or series. Of course, I was only charging a buck and a quarter for a series back then lol.

As an artist, selling your art directly to a private collector is not something you want to pursue after you have achieved gallery representation but as a new emerging artist without representation looking to get your work out there it can definitely be an advantageous way to begin selling your work.

A great venue to utilize in this pursuit is social media, to expand your client list and raise your visibility. The friends and contacts you develop through social media networking can also serve as the foundation for your guest list to future gallery openings and shows. The feedback and comments you receive are a valuable window into how your work is perceived by others.

When I joined Facebook, for instance,  it wasn't to sell art. Originally, I was looking to find old friends and make new ones. My list of friends grew and I started posting my paintings and sculptures in different photo albums. Some works were posted in various stages of completion which provided me great joy in being able to share my own experiences as an artist during the whole creation process. Suddenly, I found myself selling my first painting.

One of the things I have enjoyed most from this experience is the personal connection that social media networking  allows you to make with others right from the comfort of your own studio. In my mind, art has to be about a personal connection. It always feels great when a painting is sold because it keeps me on the path of creation. 

Good vibes, my painting "Sargasso Sea" (23"x 45" oil & tar on canvas) found a new home with my dear friend Anjali

"I first saw "Sargasso Sea" when Velvet first posted it online. I knew immediately that I wanted this piece. The way the colors moved through the canvas struck a calmness in me that I hadn't felt in a long time. I knew I needed to bring that into my home. Forever." -  Anjali Raval