Getting your art into an art gallery is one of the first major steps in establishing yourself as a professional artist.  Here are some helpful tips I've found in my pursuit as an emerging artist looking for gallery representation:

  • Get involved in your local art community. 
  • Locate your local art society and join local art groups.
  • Look for public shows and juried events to display your work and enter them.
  • Become familiar with the galleries in your area and look for one that suits your style and personality.
  • Remember, pricing and marketing is the expertise of the gallery so be flexible.

In closing, what you are looking for is a partnership so keep that long term goal in mind.

"Velvet Marshall is an incredible artist. I love her painting at South Bay Lexus In Motion Art Exhibition.
Her style and technique has made "The Bridge Over Troubled Water “ an incredibly beautiful painting."
- Jody Wiggins, The InMotionArtCommittee

A proud moment standing in front of my painting "The Bridge Over Troubled Water" (8' x 8' oil & tar on canvas) with my daughter Nastassia at the South Bay Lexus InMotion Art Exhibition

Me in front of my painting "La Petite Vague" (33 cm x 48 cm oil and tar on paper) at a Silent Art Auction

My painting "The Bridge Over Troubled Water" (8' x 8' oil & tar on canvas) featured in the gallery window at Zask Gallery