S.E. Design Services

Interior designers are a fun bunch of working professionals and people who are creative and inspiring to be around. Working with a designer is another great way to get your art in front of clients who might not have had an opportunity to see your artwork otherwise.

 It's important to keep in mind however, when you are collaborating with a designer, to understand that your painting is just one of the elements they are working with to create an overall image and all of the details have to come together to create the perfect look their client expects. Good communication and flexibility are essential tools for a successful conclusion.

One place to look for a designer to work with is the American Society of Interior Designers 

my sketch book & color palette for designer commissioned artwork

Commissioned artwork "Ode To The Sea" (Pablo Neruda) 68" x 84" oil & tar on canvas by Velvet Marshall

Photo by James Creighton

Sandra Espinet, Renowned luxury interior designer, HGTV personality and author of "The Well Traveled Home":
 I first met Sandy at her beautiful home in Cabo San Lucas while my husband, the photographer James Creighton, was shooting portraits of her for her new interior design book "The Well Traveled Home." She has such a lovely, down to earth personality and great sense of elegance and style ... just the kind of gal you want to become close friends with and invite over to hang out on girls night. So, when she expressed an interest in my art and wanted to commission me for some artwork on a few design projects she was working on I was thrilled.

"The Well Traveled Home" by Sandra Espinet

Photo by James Creighton

Rebecca Hart Benton, Interior Stylist and Decorator at Rebecca Hart Benton Designs and Rebecca Hart Benton Interiors :
Stylish, fun and full of vibrant energy, after years of hearing about this great southern gal through mutual friends of ours, it didn't take long after meeting her in person before I knew DD and I would become fast friends. A talented lady with a heart as big as Texas, Rebecca is always a pleasure to be around. I am looking forward to collaborating with her on her new design projects in the near future.